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Castle Master 3D v1.09 - Android

Castle Master 3D 1.09 Apk

Requirement: Android OS 2.2 and up
Castle Master 3D android 1.09 is about RPG & Tactic game in Canada, Korea, Indonesia and other 13 countries. Castle Master 3D apk 1.09 is offered as a most favorable game in Application Judgement, reveal had by Modification 3, one of the biggest net TV shows in UNITED STATE. Romance of the three kingdoms’ Technique + Diablo’s Action in Castle Master 3D .Apk.
Attributes of Castle Master 3D 1.09 Apk Download:

• Full 3D Activity Tactic Siege Game, Castle Professional!

• Gigantic Battle of 600 will delight you! First 300 vs. 300 siege struggle on mobile!

• With 300 fans, go demolish the gate of the enemy mansion in Castle Master 3D apk!
Castle Master 3D Apk 1.09 [v1.09] Android Download Has Unlimited Money and Rubby
Castle Master 3D Apk 1.09 [v1.09] Android Download Has Unlimited Money and Rubby
• Individuals, deserted by God for their pompousness and greed, were denied of all their 45 castles by the wicked crowds from Hades.

• And the last knightage gathered together for the barely made it through young knight in shining armor.

• Beginning from an activity to repossess the fortress ‘Gaia’, humans’ counterattack begins now!

• Drop yourself in the world of a timeless RPG!

• Tailor your character’s stat points as you want in Castle Master 3D 1.09!

• You could develop your character to be Paladin-style knight with one-hand blade, immediate knight with two daggers, and fearsome knight holding gigantic blade with terrific damage. Tailor your character with 27 weapons and 9 sets of armors, appreciating the adventure of level-up!

• Develop centers to update your mansion and enroll soldiers in Castle Master 3D android!

• Defeat the castles of wicked crowds and select castle lords!

• Turn the tide of the war by spotting and redeploying!

• Victory the love of Zeus’s Daughter to accomplish the ultimate tool, Zeus blade!
Castle Master 3D 1.09 Apk Android:

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