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Android System Info v1.25.2 - Android Apps (by ElectricSheep)

Android System Info v1.25.2 - Android Apps (by ElectricSheep)

Current Version: 1.25.2

Requires Android: 2.0 and up

Category: Productivity

v1.25.2 update:

1.25.2: removed debug info (toast showing sdcard path).

1.25.1: update for devices Asus TF700, Prestigio 7 Prime. Widget bug fix

1.25.0: update for device: Toshiba AT570, language can now be changed in menu settings.

1.24.1 Update for devices: Galaxy S3 LTE, HTC Rezound, HTC PH39100, HTC EVO 4G, huawei ascend D1, Liberty tab G100, Motorola Xoom.

1.24.0: better handling of external sdcards

1.23.1: small bug fix


-Faster Application manager

-Installer name in Application Manager

Explore all features of your android device!
ASI provides a lot of technical infos(Hardware, System, Telephony…),Task Manager, App manager, logs viewer, battery stats, manifest viewer and more
* WIDGET WONT WORK IF YOU MOVE ASI TO SDCARD (it is an android limitation)*
** please contact me if your sdcard isnt shown properly**
** new features coming soon! **
Credits for translations:

- Dutch: Idsert Joukes

- Italiano: AJtriple

- čeština : ondřej vaculík

- Norsk : Torgny Seland

- Spanish: Dr. Carlos Ariel Fregosini
Some people are suspicious about permissions used in apps. As Android System Info use a lot of them, here are some explanations:
- android.permission.INTERNET

Used for admob (to get ads) and also for flurry which gives me some infos for bugs tracking. A request can also be made to my server to check if a new version is available.
- android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE

Used to read telephony informations for the System tab.
- android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION

Used by admob.
- android.permission.READ_LOGS

Used to read logs for the Logs tab.
- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

Used, in the System tab, to access betwork informations.
- android.permission.GET_PACKAGE_SIZE

Used to know applications informations, for Application Manager tab.
- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Used to write logs to the sdcard.
- android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

Used to read wifi informations.

Used by the task killer feature.

Used to read camera informations. On some devices(like the motorola droid), accessing to camera info will make some sound.
KW: android dashboard system info informations application uninstall logs radio event task process manager killer widget multitouch manifest viewer

Direct Download Link
Download Android_System_Info_1_25_2.apk

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