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Larva Link with Friends v2.1 - Android Games (by COCABAN)

Larva Link with Friends v2.1 - Android Games (by COCABAN)

Larva Link with Friends

Price: Free
Current Version: 2.1
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Category: Brain & Puzzle
v2.1 update:
2013-7-3 : Friends Ranking Updated~!!
2013-7-4 : Bug Fixed. Please update your app~!!
Welcome to Larva Link~!!
The game from the ultimate comedy show cartoon, Larva~!!
Play against all players&friends worldwide and your ranking is reflected in real time~!

★★ Need to say no more! The trend now is slapstick comedy~! ★★
Our ordinary days are surrounded by hard-hearted people, and we get tired from repeatedly busy routines, physically and emotionally. Then what do we need? An energizing slapstick comedy~!
The bizarre story of larvae living in sewers, the ultimate comedy show, Larva~!
Meet the characters from popular animation, Larva~!
★★ Feed the always hungry Larva with their favorite sausages~! ★★
This game is about who can feed the Larva with the most sausages. Drag three or more Larvae to feed them and watch Larvae disappear with a smile~!

◆ Simply drag and link the Larvae left and right, up and down, and diagonally in any direction~!
It is very easy to connect them.
All you have to do is drag and link same Larvae left and right, up and down, and diagonally~!
(Tip) The longer your link is, the higher your score will be~!
◆ The time limit is 1 minute, but it gets longer depending on your skills~!
Drag and link 10 or more Larvae to receive a 5 seconds or longer bonus time~!
The longer you link, the more time you will get~! That’s two birds with one stone~!
◆ There are 4 special gems for extra fun~!
- Cobweb (Link) : Links different kinds of Larvae like the cobwebs.
- Frog : The king of the sewers that Larvae are most scared of~! It eats up all Larvae of one kind.
- Fart Bomb : A balloon filled with fart of larva the Yellow~! Once it pops, surrounding Larvae will pass out~!
- Chameleon : Surrounding Larvae turns into one kind of Larva.
But, special gems appear only when more than 6 Larvae are linked. For more details, find out at “Tips” in the game~!
◆ Let’s get into fever mode~!
What is the most fun part of a puzzle game? The “Combo”~!!
When you keep the combo going, the fever mode will apply with passionately excited Larvae~!
To achieve super high score, link faster and get into fever mode~! No time to loosen up~!
◆ Real-time world ranking~!
You are ranked with not just your friends but with all Larva Link players of the world~!
Play against all players worldwide and your ranking is reflected in real time~!

We will soon provide International version.
Minimum Specification : Equivalent to Galaxy S device (May not work properly depending on the device’s memory specification)
Recommended Specification : Equivalent to Galaxy S2 device
*Galaxy Note : Use of S-pen is currently not formally supported.

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