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Alpaca Evolution Begins v1.0.3 - Android Games

Alpaca Evolution Begins v1.0.3 - Android Games

Current Version: 1.0.3
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Casual
v1.0.3 update:
- Bug fix.
- “Alpaca Evolution Begins” is now available in English! You no longer have to speak Japanese to read the Alpacapedia and more.
-Added new rare versions of evolution.

The prequel to “Alpaca Evolution,” the hit app with over 5 million
downloads, has finally arrived!
This is the origin story…
A tale that takes place long before the accident in the alpaca village…
An alpaca divides; to each half, his own purpose.
In order to attain their desired forms,
they absorb other alpacas.
What is waiting for them at the limits of evolution?
*What’s different from “Alpaca Evolution”?
1. Two routes this time!
2. How you evolve depends on which route you choose!
3. Four endings!
4. Once you clear them all, you’ll know the truth about the alpacas!
5. Weiiiirrrrd mutations different from anything you’ve seen so far!
6. New BGM!
*About the alpacas
The alpacas you attack are actually still alive.
It would not do for them to be killed.
After a set amount of time they will hop back up and start walking around
They are committed to living on together.
And only that.

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