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Angry Busters v1.2 - Android Games

Angry Busters v1.2 - Android Games

Current Version: 1.2
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
Category: Casual
v1.2 update:
New chapter added (Ch. 4): New Mob/ Master level Magic/ Highest Level (Lv. 35).
-Challenge Mode fixed.
-Rules and chaculation change had made to Magic/ Skills/ Scroll.

************ Open Chapter 4!!! ***********
In case of some version(earlier than ver 1.019, before 19th, March), there is possibility to be crushed,
it is recommended to erase existing game and game data first to install new version.
“Angry Monsters are invading!!!!”
You must crash jewels and throw Magic against Monsters-wave!
Be smart! Make your own strategy and tactics to bust enemies. Give them Crazy Blow!
Challenge and prove yourself through this one of kind stylish game- ’Angry Busters’ !
▶ A Large scale update!
To provide better play-environment & action, global update is completed.
1. Gold-unification :Now you can buy items in Store only using Gold.
All characters share same gold.
By gold, player can accelerate character’s development.
2. Store: new goods and some adjustments
3. Ranking: support Unified Online Ranking system
4. Scroll: 3 new powerful scroll is added
5. Rule changed: some game system changed (i.e. Magic, Compensation )
6. Bug fixed and game optimized.
▶ Existing paid custumor
By adjustment in Store system, existing paid customer will be compensated as below
① Magic Slot : 5,000 gold
② Challenge Orb+ : 5,000 gold
③ Gold+ : 3,300 gold
④ Magic Pt1 : 3,300 gold
⑤ Magic Pt2 : 6,600 gold
⑥ Magic Pt3 : 9,900 gold
▶ Information
All the data for this game is stored in your smart phone(device), not on the server. Therefore, please be careful when you are deleting or initializing your data. Because it is inevitable that your data will be erased and irretrievable.
Game data from one device is not linked to other device.
▶ Description
’Angry Busters’ is Tower Defense game based on jewel puzzle.
Beyond traditional jewel games, ’Angry Busters’ gives player real-time combat experience and dazzling thrill.
Adding RPG factors to traditional jewel puzzle, player can raise their own character and complete their own play style.
▶ Feature
① Jewels: Match jewels which are movable in 6 different directions
② Magic & Skill: Combine 9 astonishing magic and 8 remarkable skills
③ Adventure: Kyle and his companions’ journey of tracking devil, the Red Wing
④ Game Mode: Field, The Chaser, Dungeon, The Tower of Magic, Challenge
▶ Story
-Suddenly, angry monsters came out from anywhere..
-Travelers were lost, remote villages were ruined.
-Why the monsters got angry and what brought them into this land?
-Ardan, the procurator of Middle Continent, asked group of adventurers to examine this matter.
-192 years after enthronement of ’Queen of Moon’, Kyle and his companions who were from Northern Mountains took a long journey.

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